2014 Yearbooks on Sale

Order by March 7 to receive these price:
$45 yearbook only
$55 yearbook with namestamp

To pay by CASH OR CHECK:
At the elementary, you can bring cash or check to your homeroom teacher. At the middle school and high school, please bring yearbook money to your 2nd period teacher.

Go to yearbookordercenter.com and your order number is 1974.

After March 7, prices will go up $10.

Senior Ads for 2013-2014

Senior ads can be purchased through March 7, 2014. Seniors that purchase their ad BEFORE November 1 will receive a 10% discount on their ad.

Ad prices are listed below:
Full page: $300
Half page: $170
Quarter page: $100
One-eighth page: $70

*Please print or type the message you would like in the ad. NO picture collages will be accepted. We reserve the right to edit for space and content.

If we are unable to include all of the pictures submitted for the ad, we will inform you. The ads will be printed in color.

 Please include the following in a large envelope:

______Stamped self addressed envelope for your pictures

______Phone numbers where you may be reached

______Photos for ad with name on back,
CD’s or flash drives with digital files welcome

______Order form

______Printed or typed message you would like in the ad

______Cash or check


We are also accepting friend’s ads for senior groups, (i.e. senior cheerleaders, senior football captains, senior baseball players, senior cross-country members, or just a buddy) as well as Grandparent’s ads.

 *If this is your only picture please send a copy in case the picture gets misplaced. Pictures may also be emailed or saved to a CD at high resolution for best digital reproduction.

YEARBOOKS WILL GO ON SALE NOVEMBER 1st, these prices are good until March 7:

Regular yearbook: $45
With name stamp: $55

After March 7, add $10 to each price.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the business department
at 903-291-2027.

Thank you for helping create lasting memories for the class of 2014.